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Adidas Futurecraft 4D running shoes, made with Digital Light Synthesis technology. Fully new way of making ideas, Digital Light Synthese technology comes from Carbon 3D technology, a liquid forming method. 

This is different from traditional 3D printing, in which the resin is extruded from the nozzle of the material and then stacked on top of one another. But Digital Light Synthesis technology slowly stretches the liquidized E-PU material (Stretchable polyurethane material) from a container. Curing programmable liquid E-PU material by UV Light, and it is combined with a gas that inhibits the curing reaction, so that a specific structure can be produced from the liquid material, and the mechanical properties can be set by thermal energy. This revolutionary technology is called CLIP — Continuous Liquid Interface Production.

Adidas also said that Digital Light Synthesis will be used in the future Speedfactory. The Futurecraft 4D midsole now takes about an hour to complete, and the next phase is aimed at shortening to 10 minutes, making the technology more practical and providing customers with more Customized products that are close to the needs.

The structure of this midsole looks strange, but with excellent energy feedback and stability in extreme cold and hot climates, the midsole structure is the key, they have more than 20,000 Struts, propped up the whole pair of shoes The midsole, but from the heel of this sole, you can find that the shape is different, the cushioning stroke of the heel is the longest, each area can give a different sense of foot. The outsole is the Continental's outsole, which increases the anti-slip ability of the outsole when it meets water and smooth ground.

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