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In view of the many questions that many customers ask us about the fake shoes, today I will talk about some things in our industry.

They are most concerned about two things: price and quality.

First of all, the price of real shoes will be much more expensive. The cost of real shoes includes design costs, material costs and processing costs. They need to ensure that the shoes are fashionable and reliable, so they cost the most. Fake shoes directly use the design template of the shoes, eliminating the cost of design, and at the same time do not have to worry about the cost of the store, nor need to consider advertising marketing, brand, etc., the price will naturally fall.

The same is the fake shoes. Why are some website much cheaper than our shoes?

95% of the fake shoes are issued from the city of China - Putian, there are thousands of factories in this city. The big factory has its own production line, various professional machines, and some factories are making orders for sports brands such as nike, adidas, balenciaga and so on. Most of the factories are just private workshops, and their shoes are mostly handmade. Therefore, the quality of the shoes are uneven in our city. Take yeezy 350 v2, there are dozens of different qualities at most, of course, the price ranges from $20-$200.

What is the difference between shoes made in different factories?

Take our factory, we will buy one or serval pairs of real shoes before the production of shoes, and then disassemble, analyze, make mold and proof, etc., so the cost will be high, of course, the shoes produced are more close to authentic, Small factories may only produce shoes based on officially released pictures, so the details cannot be the same as authentic. Secondly, more than 90% of the materals of our shoes are the same as authentic (why more than 90%, not 100%? Because these materials are provided by the brand, we can't buy them). Shoes produced in small factories may use less than 10% of authentic materials. Therefore, the price gap is so large. Of course, we also produce shoes of general quality to meet the needs of different customers. The materials of these shoes are somewhat different from our best shoes, but they are not bad materials and will not affect the durability of use.

What is the difference between our best shoes and authentic products?

We think the biggest difference lies in the material that we can't buy. And our daily production is very large, in order to control the cost, our quality inspection can not be as strict as the brand, there will be a small amount of shoes overflowing the glue exceeds the standard, and some of the thread is not cut off. But these do not affect the quality and appearance of the shoes, please understand.

Some shoes just released, and we will study the details, but it is inevitable that some details will be missed. We will update our shoes according to some detailed explanations on the Internet, so what we can do is to make our shoes closer to genuine and bring them to customers. Go for something more affordable.

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