Popsneakers Store

Freight Instructions

1. No shipping option available means the currently selected country is not included in the scope of delivery.

2. Freight fee is already very favourable, which is much more lower than market price, & our products are cheap in very  low-profit, so no extra discount avaialble on delivery cost.

3. DHL freight calculation method: Freight cost calculates by Volume in case volumn exceeds DHL nominated weight. Volume  Formula: Volume= length (cm)* width(cm) * height(cm) / 5000. If package weight is heavier than its weight, it should be   calculated by volume.

4. DHL customs clearance capability is weaker than EMS in some countries, which creates high customs inspection/block chances than EMS, so pls email to check with our service on courier selection before order placement.

5. For remost areas, DHL will charge extra delivery cost, so pls check in below website to see if your destination belongs to DHL  nominated remote places or not in advance, if you're not sure about it.  Website: http://www.dhl.com/content/dam/downloads/g0/express/services/surcharges/dhl_express_remote_areas.pdf

If destination belongs to DHL remote area, pls get in touch with our service to set up the remote delivery fee, & we'll contact you to complete the remote delivery fee if it's unpaid in purchasement, or trun to ship via EMS instead. And we have to cancel order and refund the corresponding fee if customers failed to pay remote delviery fee or agree to ship by EMS.